The sine integral function is important in electrical engineering. The integrand is not defined when , but we know that its limit is 1 when So we define and this makes a continuous function everywhere.

(a) Determine all values of between -10 and 10 where this function has a local maximum value.

List all of these values in increasing order. If any blanks are unused, type an upper-case "N" in the corresponding blank.

Local maximum 1:

Local maximum 2:

Local maximum 3:

Local maximum 4:

(b) Find the coordinates of the first inflection point to the right of the origin. Make sure that each coordinate is accurate to two decimal places.

Inflection point: (, )

(c) List the horizontal asymptotes of in increasing order.

If only one horizontal asymptote exists, enter it in the first answer field. Type an upper-case "N" in any unused answer field.

Horizontal asymptote 1:

Horizontal asymptote 2:

(d) Use a graph to solve the following equation for , correct to one decimal place:

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